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Complete Baseball Scores for Apr 9-14

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Monday (04/09/2018)

Scheduled Games:
@ Omaha Roncalli Catholic: Lincoln Southwest VS Omaha Roncalli Catholic
@ Platte Valley: Mount Michael Benedictine VS Platte Valley

Tuesday (04/10/2018)

Scheduled Games:
@ Central City/Fullerton: Crete VS Central City/Fullerton
@ Omaha Roncalli Catholic: South Sioux City VS Omaha Roncalli Catholic

Thursday (04/12/2018)

Scheduled Games:
@ Mount Michael Benedictine: Omaha Skutt Catholic VS Mount Michael Benedictine

Friday (04/13/2018)

Scheduled Games:
@ Auburn: Central City/Fullerton VS Auburn

Saturday (04/14/2018)

Scheduled Games:
@ Central City/Fullerton: Wayne VS Central City/Fullerton
@ Omaha Gross Catholic: Omaha Roncalli Catholic VS Omaha Gross Catholic
@ Waverly: Mount Michael Benedictine VS Waverly

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