2016 NSAA State Track & Field Meet Additional Qualifiers:

Class A Boys:

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Boys Long Jump Additional Qualifiers:

5Michael Koch III, 10, Columbus21-06.50
6Deontae Brown, 12, Kearney21-05.50
5Monte' McGary, 12, Omaha South21-05.50

Boys High Jump Additional Qualifiers:

6Jackson McInturf, 11, Grand Island6-03.00
5Travis Larson, 11, Norfolk6-03.00

Boys 100m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

5Omar Parker, 11, Omaha North11.14
6Payton Kinne, 11, Grand Island11.16
7Samir Crawford, 10, Omaha North11.23
5Casey Renken, 10, Kearney11.26
8Nathaniel Lorenz, 11, Creighton Preparatory School11.30
5Dylan Price, 11, Millard North11.34
6Jacob Losole, 9, Millard North11.40
5Javon Price, 12, Omaha Benson11.41

Boys 200m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

5Omar Parker, 11, Omaha North22.84
6Casey Burnham, 10, Grand Island22.92
5Dylan Price, 11, Millard North23.03
5Jordan Pond, 12, Lincoln Southeast23.21
6Tajuan Phipps, 11, Omaha Northwest23.23
7Korvante' Lott, 12, Omaha Northwest23.24
6Riley Raymond, 12, Lincoln Southeast23.39
8Daniel Miller, 12, Lincoln North Star23.53

Boys 400m Dash Additional Qualifiers:

5Alexander Curran, 11, Lincoln Southeast51.73
5Zachary Charity, 11, Millard South52.09
5James Smith, 10, Kearney52.10
5DShaun Samuels, 9, Omaha North52.32
6Benjamin Christenson, 10, Millard West52.32
7Bayley Schuman, 12, Lincoln High52.65
6Robert Harris, 12, Papillion-La Vista South53.13
6Tija Glass, 12, Omaha North53.13

Boys 800m Run Additional Qualifiers:

5Maxwell Heng, 11, Elkhorn South1:58.07
6Brian Bentzinger, 11, Lincoln Northeast1:58.54
5Thomas Cahill, 12, Papillion-La Vista2:01.90
5Jakob Phillips, 12, Omaha Westside2:02.29
7Bryce Holcomb, 11, Lincoln Pius X2:02.45
6Haji Salad, 12, Omaha South2:02.62
8Jacob Denesia, 12, Lincoln North Star2:04.97
5Brock Hegarty, 11, Fremont2:05.69

Boys 1600m Run Additional Qualifiers:

5Aldo Zavala-Flores, 10, Omaha South4:32.69
5Preston Decker, 11, Fremont4:35.74
6Thomas Ward, 11, Lincoln Southeast4:36.17
6Abdulkadir Mohamed, 11, South Sioux City4:36.26
5Tyler Taubenheim, 10, Lincoln Pius X4:37.03
5Miguel Gomez, 12, Kearney4:37.10
6Jack Goeden, 11, Lincoln Pius X4:37.47
6Jacob Ralston, 10, Papillion-La Vista South4:37.57

Boys 3200m Run Additional Qualifiers:

5Alexander Tollinger, 11, Omaha Central9:57.60
5Jack Schulz, 11, Fremont9:59.06
6Thomas Ward, 11, Lincoln Southeast10:00.18
6Logan Clark, 10, Papillion-La Vista South10:03.68
7Matthew Thurston, 11, Kearney10:04.28
7Luke Nolley, 10, Lincoln Southwest10:06.56
5Osman Geele, 11, South Sioux City10:10.97
6Trevor Ramsdell, 10, Omaha South10:11.55

Boys 110m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

5Nathaniel Berg, 11, Kearney15.77
6Zachary Hangman, 10, Omaha Central15.81
5Elliott Alexander, 10, Lincoln East15.91
5Jake Long, 11, Norfolk15.99
6Noah Strako, 9, Creighton Preparatory School16.14
7Sidney Howard, 11, Creighton Preparatory School16.15
6Cristobal Gajardo-Cifuentes, 12, Lincoln East16.35
7James Radziunas, 10, Bellevue West16.48

Boys 300m Hurdles Additional Qualifiers:

5Austin Cruz, 12, Papillion-La Vista41.90
6Scott Dobberpuhl, 11, Creighton Preparatory School41.95
7William Krolikowski, 11, Creighton Preparatory School42.16
5Elliott Alexander, 10, Lincoln East42.24
5Adam Zastrow, 11, Lincoln Pius X42.94
6Alexander Arvanis, 12, Millard South42.96
8Quinton Anderson, 12, Papillion-La Vista43.01
5Brayden Miller, 9, Kearney43.14

Boys 3200m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

4Lincoln Southwest8:14.68
4Millard North8:18.46
4Omaha Central8:19.77
5Elkhorn South8:20.10

Boys 1600m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

4Lincoln Northeast3:26.20
5Millard South3:29.92
6Elkhorn South3:31.26

Boys 400m Relay Additional Qualifiers:

4Lincoln Pius X44.07
4Creighton Preparatory School44.09
5Lincoln North Star44.09