High School Addresses (Alphabetical Order):
The addresses below have been submitted by our member schools. If your school's information is missing or incorrect, please contact your school's AD. The AD can make the necessary change on the School Directory form in the School Login. Or you may e-mail Jeff Stauss at the NSAA with the changes.
SchoolAddressCity, StateZip
Adams Central1090 So Adams Central
Hastings, NE68902
Ainsworth520 East 2nd
PO Box 65
Ainsworth, NE69210-0065
Allen126 E. 5th
PO Box 190
Allen, NE68710-0190
Alliance1604 Sweetwater
Alliance, NE69301-2654
Alma515 Jewell
PO Box 170
Alma, NE68920-0170
Amherst100 No Sycamore
PO Box 8
Amherst, NE68812-0008
Anselmo-MernaHwy 2 & Ewing
PO Box 68
Merna, NE68856-0068
Ansley1124 Cameron
PO Box 370
Ansley, NE68814-0370
Aquinas Catholic3420 Main Rd
PO Box 149
David City, NE68632-0149
Arapahoe610 Walnut
PO Box 360
Arapahoe, NE68922-0360
Arcadia320 W Owens St
PO Box 248
Arcadia, NE68815-0248
Archbishop Bergan545 E. 4th
Fremont, NE68025-5105
Arlington705 No. 9th
PO Box 580
Arlington, NE68002-0580
Arnold405 No Haskell
PO Box 399
Arnold, NE69120-0399
Arthur County111 Elm St.
PO Box 145
Arthur, NE69121-0145
Ashland-Greenwood1200 Boyd Street
Ashland, NE68003-1219
Auburn1829 Central Avenue
Auburn, NE68305-1713
Aurora300 L Street
Aurora, NE68818-1902
Axtell500 Main St
PO Box 97
Axtell, NE68924-0097
Bancroft-Rosalie708 Main St
PO Box 129
Bancroft, NE68004-0129
Banner County200 School St.
PO Box 5
Harrisburg, NE69345-0005
Battle Creek605 W. Martin
PO Box 100
Battle Creek, NE68715-0100
Bayard726 4th Ave
PO Box 607
Bayard, NE69334-0607
Beatrice600 Orange Blvd.
Beatrice, NE68310-4300
Bellevue East1401 High School Drive
Bellevue, NE68005-3275
Bellevue West1501 Thurston Avenue
Bellevue, NE68123-2499
Bennington11620 N 156th
Bennington, NE68007-0265
Bertrand503 School Street
Box 278
Bertrand, NE68927-0278
Bishop Neumann202 South Linden
Wahoo, NE68066-2057
Blair440 N 10th St.
PO Box 288
Blair, NE68008-0288
Bloomfield311 E Benton
PO Box 308
Bloomfield, NE68718-0308
Blue Hill606 So Sycamore
PO Box 217
Blue Hill, NE68930-0217
Boone Central605 So. 6th St.
PO Box 391
Albion, NE68620-0391
Boyd County106 E Greig
PO Box 109
Spencer, NE68777-0109
Boys TownPalrang Field House
122 Heroes Blvd.
Boys Town, NE68010-7537
Brady112 E Popleton
PO Box 68
Brady, NE69123-0068
Bridgeport800 Q St.
PO Box 430
Bridgeport, NE69336-0430
Broken Bow323 N. 7th
Broken Bow, NE68822-1718
Bruning-Davenport340 Carroll St
PO Box 70
Bruning, NE68322-0070
Burwell190 I St.
PO Box 670
Burwell, NE68823-0670
Callaway101 No Needham
PO Box 280
Callaway, NE68825-5202
Cambridge1003 Nelson St
PO Box 100
Cambridge, NE69022-0100
Cedar Bluffs110 E Main
PO Box 66
Cedar Bluffs, NE68015-0066
Centennial1301 Centennial Ave.
PO Box 187
Utica, NE68456-0187
Central City1510 28th St.
PO Box 57
Central City, NE68826-0057
Central Valley304 N Shannon Street
PO Box 160
Greeley, NE68842-0160
Centura201 No Hwy 11
PO Box 430
Cairo, NE68824-0430
Chadron901 Cedar
Chadron, NE69337-2772
Chambers201 So A St
PO Box 218
Chambers, NE68725-0218
Chase County520 E. 9th
PO Box 577
Imperial, NE69033-0577
Clarkson649 Cherry St
PO Box 140
Clarkson, NE68629-0140
Clearwater501 Iowa Street, PO Box 38
Clearwater, NE68726-0038
Cody-Kilgore360 W. 4th St.
PO Box 216
Cody, NE69211-0216
College View Academy5240 Calvert
Lincoln, NE68506-3935
Columbus3434 Discoverer Drive
Columbus, NE68601-1907
Columbus Lakeview3744 83rd St.
Columbus, NE68601-8841
Columbus Scotus1554 18th Ave.
Columbus, NE68601-5132
Conestoga8404 42nd Street
PO Box 40
Murray, NE68409-0040
Cornerstone Christian1001 Fort Crook Road N, Suite 200
Bellevue, NE68005-4247
Cozad1710 Meridian Ave.
Cozad, NE69130-1165
Crawford908 5th Street
Crawford, NE69339-1204
Creek Valley6th and Hayward
PO Box 608
Chappell, NE69129-0608
Creighton1609 Redick
PO Box 10
Creighton, NE68729-0010
Creighton Preparatory School7400 Western Avenue
Omaha, NE68114-1878
Crete1750 Iris Street
Crete, NE68333-1909
CroftonNorth Highway 121
PO Box 429
Crofton, NE68730-0429
Cross County1270 123rd Road
PO Box 525
Stromsburg, NE68666-0525
David City750 D Street
David City, NE68632-1723
Deshler1402 Third Street
PO Box 547
Deshler, NE68340-0547
Diller-Odell506 Perry St.
PO Box 188
Odell, NE68415-0188
Doniphan-Trumbull302 W. Plum
PO Box 300
Doniphan, NE68832-0300
Dorchester506 West 9th
PO Box 7
Dorchester, NE68343-0007
Douglas County West401 So. Pine
PO Box 378
Valley, NE68064-0378
Dundy County Stratton400 9th Ave
PO Box 586
Benkelman, NE69021-0586
East Butler212 S. Madison
PO Box 36
Brainard, NE68626-0036
Elba711 Caroline Street
PO Box 100
Elba, NE68835-0100
Elgin101 No 4th St
PO Box 399
Elgin, NE68636-0399
Elkhorn1401 Veterans Drive
Elkhorn, NE68022-2836
Elkhorn South20303 Blue Sage Parkway
Omaha, NE68130-3721
Elkhorn Valley601 S. Madison
PO Box 430
Tilden, NE68781-0430
Elm Creek230 E. Calkins St.
PO Box 490
Elm Creek, NE68836-0490
Elmwood-Murdock300 Wyoming Street
PO Box 407
Murdock, NE68407-0407
Elwood502 First Ave.
PO Box 107
Elwood, NE68937-0107
Emerson-Hubbard1504 Dakota St
PO Box 9
Emerson, NE68733-0042
Eustis-Farnam504 No. Ingall
PO Box 9
Eustis, NE69028-0009
Ewing416 No Spruce
PO Box 98
Ewing, NE68735-0098
Exeter-Milligan318 So. River Ave.
PO Box 139
Exeter, NE68351-0139
Fairbury1501 9th Street
Fairbury, NE68352-2199
Falls City1400 Fulton
Falls City, NE68355-2799
Falls City Sacred Heart1820 Fulton Street
Falls City, NE68355-2234
Fillmore Central1410 L Street
Geneva, NE68361-1599
Fort Calhoun5876 County Road P 43
Box 430
Fort Calhoun, NE68023-0430
Franklin1001 M Street
Franklin, NE68939-1120
Freeman415 Eighth Street
PO Box 259
Adams, NE68301-0259
Fremont1750 No. Lincoln
Fremont, NE68025-3206
Friend501 Main
PO Box 67
Friend, NE68359-0067
Fullerton606 4th St
PO Box 520
Fullerton, NE68638-0520
Garden County200 W. 4th
PO Box 230
Oshkosh, NE69154-0230
Gering1500 U Street
Gering, NE69341-2049
Gibbon1030 Court Street
PO Box 790
Gibbon, NE68840-0790
Giltner2 West 6 Rd.-Box 160
Giltner, NE68841-0160
Gordon-Rushville810 No Oak
PO Box 530
Gordon, NE69343-0530
Gothenburg1322 Avenue I
Gothenburg, NE69138-1799
Grand Island2124 No. Lafayette
Grand Island, NE68803-2099
Grand Island Central Catholic1200 Ruby
Grand Island, NE68803-3799
Gretna11335 South 204th Street
Gretna, NE68028-7865
Guardian Angels Central Catholic419 E. Decatur
West Point, NE68788-1560
Hampton458 5th Street
Hampton, NE68843-0102
Hartington Cedar Catholic401 So Broadway
PO Box 15
Hartington, NE68739-0015
Hartington-Newcastle501 So. Broadway
PO Box 75
Hartington, NE68739-0075
Harvard506 E North St
PO Box 100
Harvard, NE68944-0100
Hastings1100 West 14th
Hastings, NE68901-3064
Hastings St. Cecilia521 N. Kansas
Hastings, NE68901-7594
Hay Springs407 No Baker St
PO Box 280
Hay Springs, NE69347-0280
Hayes Center501 Troth
PO Box 8
Hayes Center, NE69032-0008
Heartland1501 Front St.
Henderson, NE68371-8929
Heartland Lutheran3900 W Husker Highway
Grand Island, NE68803-6001
Hemingford911 Niobrara
PO Box 217
Hemingford, NE69348-0217
Hershey301 So. Lincoln
PO Box 369
Hershey, NE69143-0369
High Plains Community260 So Pine
PO Box 29
Polk, NE68654-0029
Hitchcock County318 West D
PO Box 368
Trenton, NE69044-0368
Holdrege505 E. 14th
PO Box 2002
Holdrege, NE68949-2002
Homer212 So 3rd St.
PO Box 340
Homer, NE68030-0340
Howells-Dodge418 May St
PO Box 159
Howells, NE68641-0159
Humboldt-Table Rock-SteinauerRt.1-Box 31
810 Central
Humboldt, NE68376-9706
Humphrey405 So 7th St.
PO Box 278
Humphrey, NE68642-0278
Humphrey St. Francis300 So 7th
PO Box 277
Humphrey, NE68642-0277
HyannisEast Hwy 2
PO Box 286
Hyannis, NE69350-0286
Johnson County Central358 N 6th
PO Box 338
Tecumseh, NE68450-0338
Johnson-Brock310 So. Main St.
PO Box 186
Johnson, NE68378-0186
Kearney2702 W. 11th St.
Kearney, NE68845-0102
Kearney Catholic110 E. 35th St.
PO Box 1866
Kearney, NE68848-1866
Kenesaw110 No 5th Ave
PO Box 129
Kenesaw, NE68956-0129
Keya Paha County100 Football Ave
PO Box 219
Springview, NE68778-0219
Kimball901 South Nadine
Kimball, NE69145-1698
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge502 Wakefield
PO Box 8
Laurel, NE68745-0008
Lawrence-Nelson850 So Nevada
PO Box 368
Nelson, NE68961-0368
Leigh310 Short St
PO Box 98
Leigh, NE68643-0098
Lewiston306 W. Tiger Ave
Lewiston, NE68380-0074
Lexington705 W. 13th Street
Lexington, NE68850-1253
Leyton504 Main
PO Box 297
Dalton, NE69131-0297
Lincoln Christian5801 So. 84th
Lincoln, NE68516-3804
Lincoln East1000 So. 70th
Lincoln, NE68510-4217
Lincoln High2229 J Street
Lincoln, NE68510-2933
Lincoln Lutheran1100 No. 56th
Lincoln, NE68504-3296
Lincoln North Star5801 N. 33rd
Lincoln, NE68504-4655
Lincoln Northeast2635 No. 63rd
Lincoln, NE68507-2422
Lincoln Pius X6000 A Street
Lincoln, NE68510-5005
Lincoln Southeast2930 So. 37th St.
Lincoln, NE68506-3230
Lincoln Southwest7001 S. 14th Street
Lincoln, NE68512-9200
Lindsay Holy Family158 Pine St
PO Box 158
Lindsay, NE68644-0158
Litchfield500 No Main
PO Box 167
Litchfield, NE68852-0167
Logan View2163 County Road G
Hooper, NE68031-1259
Loomis101 Bryan
PO Box 250
Loomis, NE68958-0250
Louisville202 W 3rd St
PO Box 489
Louisville, NE68037-0489
Loup City800 No. 8th St.
PO Box 628
Loup City, NE68853-0628
Loup County608 Williams
PO Box 170
Taylor, NE68879-0170
Lourdes Central Catholic412 2nd Avenue
Nebraska City, NE68410-1799
Lutheran High Northeast2010 N. 37th St.
Norfolk, NE68701-3108
Lyons-Decatur Northeast400 So 5th
PO Box 526
Lyons, NE68038-0526
Madison700 So Kent St
PO Box 450
Madison, NE68748-6279
Malcolm10004 NW 112th St.
Malcolm, NE68402-9561
Maxwell415 E Hwy 30
PO Box 188
Maxwell, NE69151-0188
Maywood1 Tiger Drive
PO Box 46
Maywood, NE69038-0046
McCook700 West 7th
McCook, NE69001-3078
McCool Junction209 So 2nd St
PO Box 278
McCool Junction, NE68401-0278
McPherson County100 Main St
PO Box 38
Tryon, NE69167-0038
Mead114 No. Vine
PO Box 158
Mead, NE68041-0158
Medicine Valley303 Crook Avenue
PO Box 9
Curtis, NE69025-0009
Meridian72380 560th Ave.
PO Box 190
Daykin, NE68338-0190
Milford301 G
PO Box C
Milford, NE68405-0613
Millard North1010 So. 144th Street
Omaha, NE68154-2899
Millard South14905 Q St.
Omaha, NE68137-2599
Millard West5710 So. 176th Avenue
Omaha, NE68135-2268
Minatare1107 7th St
PO Box 425
Minatare, NE69356-0425
Minden622 W. 3rd St.
PO Box 301
Minden, NE68959-1598
Mitchell1819 19th Avenue
Mitchell, NE69357-1199
Morrill411 E Hamilton
PO Box 486
Morrill, NE69358-0486
Mount Michael Benedictine22520 Mt. Michael Rd.
Elkhorn, NE68022-3400
Mullen4th & Blaine
PO Box 127
Mullen, NE69152-0127
Nebraska Christian1847 Inskip Avenue
Central City, NE68826-8008
Nebraska City141 Steinhart Park Rd.
Nebraska City, NE68410-2098
Nebraska Lutheran203 Kendall St.
Waco, NE68460-3000
Neligh-Oakdale300 E. 6th
PO Box 149
Neligh, NE68756-0149
Newman Grove101 So 8th St
PO Box 370
Newman Grove, NE68758-0370
NiobraraNo Hwy 12
PO Box 310
Niobrara, NE68760-0310
Norfolk801 Riverside Blvd.
Norfolk, NE68701-2899
Norfolk Catholic2300 Madison Ave.
Norfolk, NE68701-4456
Norris25211 South 68th Street
Firth, NE68358-9732
North Bend Central530 W 13th St
PO Box 160
North Bend, NE68649-0160
North Platte1220 W. 2nd Street
North Platte, NE69101-3652
North Platte St. Patrick's500 S Silber
PO Box 970
North Platte, NE69103-0970
Northwest2710 N. North Road
Grand Island, NE68803-1199
Oakland-Craig309 No. Davis
Oakland, NE68045-1105
Ogallala602 East G Street
Ogallala, NE69153-2245
Omaha Benson5120 Maple St.
Omaha, NE68104-3599
Omaha Brownell Talbot400 No. Happy Hollow Blvd.
Omaha, NE68132-2198
Omaha Bryan4700 Giles Rd.
Omaha, NE68157-2699
Omaha Burke12200 Burke Blvd.
Omaha, NE68154-2399
Omaha Central124 No. 20th
Omaha, NE68102-4895
Omaha Christian Academy10244 Wiesman Dr.
Omaha, NE68134-1063
Omaha Concordia15656 Fort Street
Omaha, NE68116-3201
Omaha Duchesne Academy3601 Burt St.
Omaha, NE68131-1945
Omaha Gross Catholic7700 So. 43rd St.
Bellevue, NE68147-1797
Omaha Marian7400 Military
Omaha, NE68134-3398
Omaha Mercy1501 So. 48th
Omaha, NE68106-2598
Omaha Nation206 Main Street
PO Box 280
Macy, NE68039-0280
Omaha North4410 No. 36th
Omaha, NE68111-2217
Omaha Northwest8204 Crown Point
Omaha, NE68134-1999
Omaha Roncalli Catholic6401 Sorensen Parkway
Omaha, NE68152-2258
Omaha Skutt Catholic3131 So. 156th St.
Omaha, NE68130-1907
Omaha South4519 So. 24th
Omaha, NE68107-1894
Omaha Street School3223 N. 45th Street
Omaha, NE68104-3711
Omaha Westside8701 Pacific Street
Omaha, NE68114-5298
ONeill410 E. Benton
PO Box 230
O'Neill, NE68763-0230
Orchard4th & Rusk, PO Box 269
Orchard, NE68764
Ord1800 K Street
Ord, NE68862-1332
Osceola565 So Kimmel
PO Box 198
Osceola, NE68651-0198
Osmond202 W Prairie St.
PO Box 458
Osmond, NE68765-0458
Overton401 7th
PO Box 310
Overton, NE68863-0310
Palmer202 Commercial St
PO Box 248
Palmer, NE68864-0248
Palmyra425 F St.
PO Box 130
Palmyra, NE68418-0130
Papillion-La Vista402 East Centennial Road
Papillion, NE68046-2011
Papillion-La Vista South10799 Highway 370
Papillion, NE68046-3202
Parkview Christian4400 No. 1st St.
Lincoln, NE68521-2410
Pawnee City729 E Street
PO Box 393
Pawnee City, NE68420-0393
Paxton308 No. Elm St.
PO Box 368
Paxton, NE69155-0368
Pender609 Whitney
Pender, NE68047-5036
Perkins County740 Sherman
PO Box 829
Grant, NE69140-0829
Pierce201 No. Sunset Street
Pierce, NE68767-1816
Plainview301 W. Pilcher
PO Box 638
Plainview, NE68769-0638
Platteview14801 S. 108th St.
Springfield, NE68059-4925
Plattsmouth1916 E. Hwy 34
Plattsmouth, NE68048-2368
Pleasanton303 W Church
PO Box 190
Pleasanton, NE68866-0190
Ponca505 3rd St.
PO Box 568
Ponca, NE68770-0568
Pope John303 Remington St
PO Box 179
Elgin, NE68636-0179
Potter-Dix303 Walnut
PO Box 189
Potter, NE69156-0189
Ralston8969 Park Drive
Ralston, NE68127-3600
Randolph207 N. Pierce St
PO Box 755
Randolph, NE68771-0755
Ravenna41750 Carthage Rd.
PO Box 8400
Ravenna, NE68869-9802
Raymond Central1800 W. Agnew Rd.
Raymond, NE68428-9783
Red Cloud121 West 7th Ave.
Red Cloud, NE68970-2417
Riverside408 Dayton St.
Cedar Rapids, NE68627-5559
Rock County506 E Hwy 20
PO Box 448
Bassett, NE68714-0448
SandhillsPO Box 29
Dunning, NE68833-0460
Sandy Creek30671 Highway 14
Fairfield, NE68938-0127
Santee206 E. Frazier Ave.
Santee, NE68760-7213
Sargent506 5th St.
PO Box 366
Sargent, NE68874-0366
Schuyler401 Adam St.
Schuyler, NE68661-2400
Scottsbluff313 East 27th
Scottsbluff, NE69361-1762
Scribner-Snyder400 Pebble St.
Scribner, NE68057-3006
Seward532 Northern Heights
Seward, NE68434-1076
Shelby-Rising City650 No. Walnut
PO Box 218
Shelby, NE68662-0218
Shelton210 9th St.
PO Box 610
Shelton, NE68876-0610
Shickley104 E. Murray
PO Box 407
Shickley, NE68436-0407
Sidney1101 21st Avenue
Sidney, NE69162-1802
Silver Lake9405 S. Lincoln
PO Box 8
Roseland, NE68973-0008
Sioux County435 Kate St.
PO Box 38
Harrison, NE69346-0038
South Platte610 Plum St.
PO Box 457
Big Springs, NE69122-0457
South Sioux City3301 G St
PO Box 158
South Sioux City, NE68776-0158
Southern115 So. 11th
PO Box 237
Wymore, NE68466-0237
Southern Valley43739 Highway 89
Oxford, NE68967-2711
PO Box 187
Bartley, NE69020-0187
Spalding Academy130 W. Marguerite
PO Box 310
Spalding, NE68665-0310
St. Edward601 Clark St
PO Box C
St. Edward, NE68660-0601
St. Mary's300 No. 4th St.
O'Neill, NE68763-1520
St. Paul1305 Howard
PO Box 325
St. Paul, NE68873-0325
Stanton1007 Kingwood
PO Box 749
Stanton, NE68779-0749
Stapleton6th & Main
PO Box 128
Stapleton, NE69163-0128
Sterling250 Main
PO Box 39
Sterling, NE68443-0039
Stuart2nd & Fremont
PO Box 99
Stuart, NE68780-0099
Sumner-Eddyville-Miller205 E. 5th
PO Box 126
Sumner, NE68878-0126
Superior601 W. 8th St.
PO Box 288
Superior, NE68978-0288
Sutherland401 Walnut
PO Box 217
Sutherland, NE69165-0217
Sutton1107 No Saunders
PO Box 590
Sutton, NE68979-0590
Syracuse1500 Education Dr.
PO Box P
Syracuse, NE68446-0520
Tekamah-Herman112 No. 13th St.
Tekamah, NE68061-1044
Thayer Central930 Eads Ave
PO Box 9
Hebron, NE68370-0009
Thedford304 Maple
PO Box 248
Thedford, NE69166-0248
Tri County72520 Highway 103
DeWitt, NE68341-4502
Twin River816 Willard Ave.
PO Box 640
Genoa, NE68640-0640
Valentine431 N. Green
Valentine, NE69201-1969
Verdigre201 South 3rd Street
Verdigre, NE68783-0316
Wahoo2201 N. Locust
Wahoo, NE68066-1093
Wakefield802 Highland
PO Box 330
Wakefield, NE68784-0330
Wallace151 N Wallace Rd
Wallace, NE69169-8016
WalthillLittle & Main
PO Box 3C
Walthill, NE68067-0563
Wauneta-Palisade214 W Wichita St
PO Box 368
Wauneta, NE69045-0368
Wausa300 So Bismark
PO Box 159
Wausa, NE68786-0159
Waverly13401 Amberly Rd.
PO Box 426
Waverly, NE68462-0426
Wayne611 West 7th
Wayne, NE68787-1715
Weeping Water204 West O St
PO Box 206
Weeping Water, NE68463-0206
West HoltNorth Main St
PO Box 457
Atkinson, NE68713-0457
West Point-Beemer1200 E. Washington
West Point, NE68788-2505
Wheeler Central600 W. Randolph
PO Box 68
Bartlett, NE68622-0068
Wilber-Clatonia9th & Franklin
PO Box 487
Wilber, NE68465-0487
Wilcox-Hildreth404 Sapp St.
PO Box 190
Wilcox, NE68982-0190
WinnebagoHighways 77 & 75
Winnebago, NE68071-0769
Winside203 Crawford St.
Winside, NE68790-5107
Wisner-Pilger801 18th St.
PO Box 580
Wisner, NE68791-0580
Wood River13800 W Wood River Rd
PO Box 518
Wood River, NE68883-0518
Wynot709 St. James Ave.
PO Box 157
Wynot, NE68792-0157
York1005 Duke Drive
York, NE68467-1299
Yutan1200 2nd St
Yutan, NE68073-3065

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