Nebraska School Activities Association

Dept of Transportation Named New Title Sponsor

Nebraska Department of Transportation Named Title Sponsor of the Buckle Up Phone Down Cup Program

LINCOLN – The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) is pleased to announce the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) as a supporting partner of the NSAA.

The partnership will incorporate all NSAA activities with an emphasis on the Nebraska Department of Transportation Buckle Up Phone Down Cup program.

“We are very excited to begin this relationship with the Nebraska Department of Transportation,” said NSAA Interim Executive Director Jennifer Schwartz. “This partnership aligns with our vision of associating with Nebraska-based organizations that value our educational mission and commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles for Nebraska participants.”

According to data from the Nebraska Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Report, over 1,400 Nebraskans from 2011 to 2020, had a crash because they were distracted by a mobile device. During that same time frame, teen drivers were involved in 395 of those crashes. In 2020, Nebraska had 131 drivers involved in a crash due to distracted driving from their mobile device that year, including 41 teen drivers.

“Safety on Nebraska’s roadways is one of the highest priorities for NDOT. A partnership with the NSAA is the perfect opportunity to share the importance of seatbelt usage and minimizing distractions when driving,” said NDOT Director Vicki Kramer. “Cell phones are a major influencer in the safety of our roads, it’s crucial for the next generation of drivers to understand the impact buckling up and putting their phones down can have, we are grateful for the NSAA’s efforts in sharing the message.”

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