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Relaxed Hair Adornment, Uniform Rules Among Administrative Changes Set for Volleyball in 2022-23


Hair adornments such as beads are now legal in high school volleyball as long as they are securely fastened and do not endanger other players. This rule change, along with eliminating manufacturer reference size and quantity restrictions on uniform bottom waistbands, headline new rules adopted for the 2022-23 season. In all, seven rules changes were … Read more

2021-22 NSAA Distinguished & Outstanding Service Award Recipients

The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021-2022 NSAA Distinguished Service and Outstanding Service Awards. These awards recognize individuals for their extraordinary contributions, dedication, and service to the NSAA, NSAA activities, and NSAA member schools. Distinguished Service Award Recipients: Dan Keyser Jeff Motz Greg & Kristy Parr Neal … Read more

NSAA Volleyball Season Starts One Week Earlier

On a vote of 33-18, the NSAA Representative Assembly amended NSAA Bylaw changing the season start date for volleyball to coincide with all of the other NSAA fall sports. Beginning this fall, the first allowable day of practice is the Monday of week 6 (August 7, 2017).  In addition, the first allowable day of … Read more

NSAA Volleyball District & Sub-District Brackets

All NSAA Volleyball District and Sub-District brackets are now available below and on the volleyball page.  Postseason play begins Monday, October 31. Class A District Pairings: A-1 | A-2 | A-3 | A-4 | A-5 | A-6 | A-7 Class B Sub-district Pairings: B-1 | B-2 | B-3 | B-4 | B-5 | B-6 | B-7 | B-8 Class C1 Sub-district Pairings: C1-1 | C1-2 | C1-3 | C1-4 | C1-5 | C1-6 | C1-7 | C1-8 | C1-9 | C1-10 | C1-11 | C1-12 Class C2 Sub-district Pairings: C2-1 | C2-2 | C2-3 | C2-4 | C2-5 | C2-6 | C2-7 | C2-8 | C2-9 | C2-10 | C2-11 | C2-12 Class D1 Sub-district Pairings: D1-1 | D1-2 | D1-3 | D1-4 | D1-5 | D1-6 | D1-7 | D1-8 | D1-9 | D1-10 | D1-11 | D1-12 Class D2 Sub-district Pairings: D2-1 | D2-2 | D2-3 | D2-4 | D2-5 | D2-6 | D2-7 | D2-8 | D2-9 | D2-10 | D2-11 | D2-12

Volleyball Line Judges Required to Use Flags

Good line judges are important to a volleyball match. Line judges are officials as they are called upon to assist with making many decisions during the course of a volleyball match. Therefore, it is the host’s school responsibility to select, instruct, and properly train line judges.  The NSAA encourages all line judges to view the … Read more