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District Results:

Class A:
A-1 | A-2 | A-3 | A-4

Class B:
B-1 | B-2 | B-3 | B-4 | B-5 | B-6

Class C:
C-1 | C-2 | C-3 | C-4 | C-5 | C-6 | C-7 | C-8 | C-9 | C-10 | C-11

Class D:
D-1 | D-2 | D-3 | D-4 | D-5 | D-6 | D-7 | D-8 | D-9 | D-10 | D-11

State Meet

Special Olympics Results

State Meet Entries by School, Showing Numbers:

Additional Qualifiers:

State Meet Entries, Heat and Lane Assignments: (By Class & Gender)

State Meet LIVE RESULTS (In Meet Order)

State Meet Results: (By Class & Gender)

Gold Medal Comparisons:


Past State Meet Results: